2018 Holiday Cards

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Alyson R. Kuroski-Mazzei, DO, MRO, FAPA

Alyson R. Kuroski-Mazzei, DO, MRO, FAPA

CEO & Chief Medical Officer

Meet Dr. Kuroski-Mazzei
Michael Carroll

Michael Carroll

Director of Human Resources

Meet Mike
Tom Gettelman, PhD

Tom Gettelman, PhD

Chief Clinical Officer and Director of Admissions

Meet Dr. Gettelman
Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson

Director of Development & Marketing

Meet Emily
Miriam Kraus, FNP-C

Miriam Kraus, FNP-C

Chief Compliance Officer

Meet N.P. Kraus
Kevin Marra, MD

Kevin Marra, MD

Director of Medical Services

Meet Dr. Marra
Elizabeth Rhoads

Elizabeth Rhoads

Chief Operations Officer

Meet Elizabeth
Catherine Walsh, CPA

Catherine Walsh, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Meet Catherine

HopeWay Boards

The leadership of HopeWay is comprised of people who all understand the lack of residential treatment options in our region from personal experience with family members and friends. Each leader of our team is committed to the HopeWay mission of making HOPE tangible by inspiring mental wellness for all.

Board of Directors

  • Bill Blue, Chair & Co-Founder
  • Betsy Blue, Co-Founder
  • Rob Buckfelder
  • Mike Elliott
  • Betsy Fleming
  • Travis Hain
  • Jane Hunter
  • Kathy Izard
  • Tom James
  • Steve Purdy
  • Bill Seymour
  • Jane Showalter
  • Lori Sklut
  • Anne Stolz

Advisory Board

  • Johnny Belk
  • Sarah Belk
  • Ralph Breeden
  • Gretchen Carpenter
  • Derick Close
  • Tyler Covington
  • Molly Dewey
  • Mary Anne Dickson
  • Mac Everett
  • Cammie Hauptfuhrer
  • Claudia Heath
  • Vi Lyles
  • Hugh McColl III
  • David Neill
  • Sonja Nichols
  • Sally and Russell Robinson

Medical Advisory Board

  • C. Ken Dunham, MD
  • Scott N. Lurie, MD
  • John M. Santopietro, MD, FAPA
  • Lillian M. Teigland, MD
  • Stephen A. Wyatt, D.O.