Stand Up for Mental Health

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Our Vision

To be a premier leader of mental health services by providing holistic care grounded in science, while building awareness and acceptance through education.

Our Programs

Our Mission

Making HOPE tangible by inspiring mental wellness for all.


Our Values


Providing a light through the darkness
of mental illness


Delivered by a dedicated, accountable and
highly trained team


Building healthy relationships in a safe,
caring environment


Treating clients and their loved ones with
the utmost respect and empathy

Our Story

The family of Betsy and Bill Blue, like countless others, has been profoundly affected by mental illness.

Throughout a seven-year journey of trying to gain access to quality treatment, they found a gap in the continuum of care in the Charlotte area, which was especially surprising given the size of the city. After Betsy and Bill attended a community meeting about the lack of mental health care, they began brainstorming ways to help.

They visited nationally recognized models of care in other cities, held countless conversations and meetings with area stakeholders before forming the HopeWay Foundation in January 2014 to broaden the scope of mental health care and education for adults in our region.


"Our family learned firsthand how challenging it can be to gain access to effective mental healthcare and education. There is a striking void between acute care hospitals and the doctor's or therapist's office. When it comes to mental health, we have been inspired by a quote: "It is better to light a small candle than to curse the darkness." We want HopeWay to be a beacon of light for mental health care and education."

- William F. Blue Jr., Chairman

Our Foundation

HopeWay is led by a Board of Directors with counsel from an Advisory Board and a Medical Advisory Board. In November 2014 HopeWay successfully raised funds through the generosity of hundreds of donors to purchase, renovate and start operations at HopeWay, a mental health care center for adults serving the greater Charlotte area.

Our campus sits on 12 acres in southwest Charlotte and includes a 52,675 square foot building with both a therapeutic and education wing, and a residential wing with full-service kitchen/dining hall, therapy offices and classrooms, administrative offices, library, and other ancillary rooms. Also located on the campus is a 13,800 square foot gymnasium and 2 single-family houses designated for future transitional housing purposes. Renovations and construction began September 2015 and ended December 2016.



Private Residential Bedrooms


Square foot Educational, Therapeutic, and Residential building


Square foot Gymnasium