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HopeWay is a not-for-profit organization that provides best practice mental health care and education for adults and their families.


Mental illness is overwhelming and frustrating for individuals and their families whether you are experiencing it for the first time or have been coping with symptoms for years. HopeWay understands this and is committed to providing compassionate real solutions.


“I am passionate about not only aiding clients in their own treatment and recovery, but also working with the families who share the struggles of those living with mental health and/or substance use disorders.”

- Alyson R. Kuroski-Mazzei, DO, MRO, FAPA,
HopeWay CEO & Chief Medical Officer

Alyson R. Kuroski-Mazzei, DO, MRO, FAPA

“HopeWay is the only accredited, nonprofit residential mental health treatment facility for adults in the Carolinas despite more than 230,000 adults currently suffering from serious mental illness in our surrounding area.”


Our goal is to treat 500 patients per year.


Studies show for every patient there are 8 other people who are deeply concerned about the patient’s health. By serving 500 clients a year, HopeWay can meaningfully impact an additional 4,000 lives in a given year.


Studies show 90% of all people who receive best practice care demonstrate a reduction of symptoms and improved productivity.

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HopeWay is located at 1717 Sharon Road West in southwest Charlotte on a 12-acre wooded campus. The centerpiece is a 52,000 square foot building that was renovated and designed by Perkins + Will, an architecture firm specializing in behavioral health and designing therapeutic environments.