Stand Up for Mental Health

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Additional Treatment Support

In addition to the adjunctive therapies (art, horticulture, music, health & wellness, recreation), we also offer additional treatment support through Pet Therapy, Pastoral Care, Yoga and Meditation. These are available as part of both the residential and day treatment programs, and align with our holistic approach designed to encourage engagement, practice life skills, and reclaim one’s life.

Pet Therapy

Imagine you are feeling anxious, sad, lonely, or overwhelmed. Now imagine sitting beside a dog, petting him or her, and noticing yourself starting to feel better. Animal-assisted therapy, also known as pet therapy, is becoming more and more popular and is being used in hospitals, clinics, treatment centers, and nursing homes. This type of therapy can help lessen depression, increase happy feelings, and help those dealing with feelings of hopelessness, stress, and fatigue. Spending time with animals can bring feelings of comfort in stressful situations and can help people feel more optimistic.

Through support from and partnership with Christ Episcopal Church, Theo is a very special HopeWay family member!

Pastoral Care

At HopeWay we believe healing involves body, mind and spirit. Our pastoral care counselor  is available to help guide clients in specific ways that will strengthen their faith in a higher being as part of their growth and healing. Our Faith Room offers space for one-on-one visits, special spiritual rituals and services, and yoga and meditation.

Yoga & Meditation

Best practice therapy involves intentional work with the body and mind. HopeWay offers yoga and guided meditation as tools to help individuals center themselves and develop space in their whole being for room to grow.