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Individual and Group Therapy

Clients in our Residential and PHP Programs are paired with a psychotherapist and psychiatrist and receive weekly individual therapy and psychiatric follow up with their attending psychiatrist.

Family involvement is strongly encouraged to help support the entire family during the recovery process. Clients who have external behavioral healthcare providers are asked to sign releases of information so that the HopeWay team can work with their existing teams and update these providers including discharge information to promote a smooth and effective transition back to the community.

Multiple different group therapy sessions are held each day that focus on clients’ specific needs. Daily Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy groups are held in each level of care. Based on clinical need, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy service is offered via individual therapy, in a group setting, or both. Other groups include those focused on building healthy relationships, mindfulness, illness management and recovery, health promotion, relapse prevention, trauma and recovery, understanding the stages of change, CBT for anxiety, process groups, and in both the residential and PHP programs a daily wrap-up group.

Art Therapy, Recreational Therapy, Music Therapy, Health and Wellness education provided in our Learning Kitchen, Spiritual Support and Horticultural Therapy are also provided to clients in all HopeWay programs. In addition, yoga is offered in both the Residential and PHP programs.