Community Education

We believe clients and their families will best be served if, as a community, we talk about and learn about mental illness.

The holistic approach of HopeWay focuses on the mind, body and spirit of adults who are living with mental illness while creating a supportive community for their families. At the same time, HopeWay strives to be seen as an educational leader and advocate to our community to increase understanding, awareness and acceptance of the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness.

The George C. Covington Library

Central to our goals around community education is the George C. Covington Library and Learning Fund established for HopeWay by George’s family and friends. The Covington Library and Learning Fund supports the holistic approach to health care for people who are in treatment and provides critical resources for HopeWay to fulfill its larger mission of community education. 

The Covington Library is another space at HopeWay that creates opportunities for activity and self-expression, as it is a place of reflection, creativity, learning and exploration for clients and families.

The Covington Learning Fund provides critical resources to support ongoing community outreach, awareness and end stigmas associated with mental illness.

Community Events

No currently scheduled events.